Poll: Best 10 Japanese documentaries of all time


If you’re a movie critic, a movie fan, a scholar or just a Japanese cinema lover, I’d like to hear your opinion about Japanese documentary/non-fiction. I know that very few works are available on DVD (even in Japan) or with English subtitles, and I’m also aware that the only chance to see them is at festivals, nonetheless I would really like to know which are your favourite Japanese documentaries of all time, so please name your best 10 (or 5)!
It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen so many or if you only saw documentaries produced in Japan over the last two/three decades. One of the aims of this poll is also to discover which are the docs usually watched (or available to watch) by a non-Japanese audience.
You can leave a comment on this post or send an email to: matteojpjp at gmail.com, of course you’re free to add some lines of explanation and your name, if you wish. The deadline is February 6th. The results will be published on this blog at the end of February, so you have plenty of time, please spread the word! Thank you.



5 thoughts on “Poll: Best 10 Japanese documentaries of all time”

  1. Here’s mine!

    1. Ishi no Uta/Song of the Stones (Matsumoto)
    2. Sayonara CP (Hara)
    3. Minamata: The Victims and Their World (Tsuchimoto)
    4. Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On (Hara)
    5. Nishijin (Matsumoto)
    6. Antonio Gaudi (Teshigahara)
    7. Extreme Private Eros: Love Story (Hara)
    8. Children in the Classroom (Hani)
    9. We Don’t Care About Music Anyway
    10. Without Memory (Koreeda)


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