I’ve been living in Japan and writing about Japanese cinema for more than 10 years. Besides contributing to books and film magazines with essays, I’ve been constantly writing for the Italian newspaper Il Manifesto and the blog Sonatine2010, and worked for the Torino International Film Fest as a consultant (till 2015). I’m currently researching (independently!) about East and Southeast non-fiction film, delving in its history and development.
My fascination with non-fiction film one day brought me to look for a blog or a homepage where to discuss, read or exchange opinions and ideas about Japanese documentary film. I couldn’t find anything and so I decided to make that place by myself and post here my reflections, thoughts, reviews, photos on the subject.
Although I’m not an English native speaker, I’ve decided to write in English because writing in my own language (Italian) would have meant to scream in a desert island. My hope is that writing in English will help me and my views on Japanese documentary (and cinema in general) to get a wider audience and to spread the interest about non-fiction film.


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